How to easily tell what kind of rug you have.

By Cory | April 3, 2017

Over the years we have discovered that people often don’t know much about what kind of rugs they have. We made this quick video at The Middle Ga Rug Spa to share the easiest and simplest ways to determine what kind of rug you have. Enjoy!

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Know Your Rug

By Cory | October 4, 2016

Understanding Your Rug

This is an interesting article speaking about how decided if your rug has synthetic dyes or natural.

Click here

It’s interesting how each rug has its own story, and we strive to have continuous education on rugs understanding how we can approach each and every rug for cleaning to the best of our ability.

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Fringe help!

By Cory | September 13, 2016

From years in the business we come into contact with a lot of rugs with fringes that are missing, tearing, or just dingy. There are many ways that you as the owner can prevent some of the wear and tear and discoloring of the fringe.

3 quick tips on keeping those fringes in good shape:

  1. Never vacuum the fringes with your carpet vacuum. this will pull and tear your fringes!
  2. When you vacuum your rug vacuum parallel to the fridges
  3. When you try and clean the fringes never use any chemicals that are harsh. One of the worst things you can do is use bleach or an oxidizer these products will harm your thread and can actually cause them to become brittle and break off.


Here at Middle GA Rug Spa we can help you when you are needing a clean. Our skilled professional technicians who are trained and certified will work with your rug to make sure it receives the best treatment!

We can also make repairs to the rugs. Below we have a couple of the repairs we have done. Call today and we can help you out if you are needing repairs yourself!


call Middle GA Rug Spa 478-972-6583img_0008 or go to our website! img_0009 img_0010 img_0014 2016-13-9-16-19-36

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Another tip on silk rugs

By Cory | May 10, 2016

Here is another helpful video.  Ever heard of art silk?  or mercerized cotton?  Here’s a video we recorded to help you know if the rug you have or are considering is a real or fake.

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Is your rug really silk?

By Cory | November 23, 2015

Here is a video to help you determine if your rug is really silk.

Is your rug really silk?


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Silk and Cotton Rugs

By Cory | April 7, 2015

We see alot of faux silk rugs at The Middle Ga Rug Spa.  Here is a short video we made that will help you in determining if you have a genuine silk rug or a really good cotton rug…

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Beware when spot cleaning your rug

By Cory | March 10, 2015

beware when spot cleaning rugs

2015-02-24 10.29.55   Here is a beautiful family heirloom rug that came in recently for cleaning.  As you can see, one of the panels had some color running in the flowers.  This is a good example of what can happen when you try to spot clean in your home.  This rug is handmade with cotton fibers.  Our colorfastness tests indicated that the dyes were stable throughout the rug.  So why do we see dye migration at these flowers in the red and blue?

Some DYI products contain harsh alkaline or acidic properties that can de-stabilize the dye sites on a textile.  This dye migration probably occurred during the drying phase after someone used an inappropriate cleaner to address a spot or spill on this rug.  Natural fibers like to be in an acidic environment so avoid alkali if at all possible when spot cleaning.  Another tip, is to diaper the rug from both sides with a white towel so that if dye begin to migrate they will absorb into the towel rather than adjacent dye sites.

There are other possibilities that could cause the situation you see above but I wanted to share with you the most common cause we run into.

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Learn to easily clean spills from wool carpet

By Cory | November 19, 2014

This video series from WoolSafe will help you to easily clean a variety of spills from wool carpet.

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Clean carpet and rugs without getting ripped off

By Cory | October 29, 2014

This holiday season make sure you are careful in selecting the right service companies for your home needs. Every year, thousands of people are taken advantage of by unscrupulous companies that are only looking to put money in their bank account. Check with your local Better Business Bureau and Chamber of Commerce. Better than that, ask your friends and family who they recommend. Use the internet to do research on companies before hiring them. Here is an link to search certified cleaning firms and technicians in the cleaning industry! MAKE SURE the business you hire is actually educated and certified!

Certified Cleaners


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Let us help you keep your rugs clean!

By Cory | October 15, 2014

The holiday season is creeping up on us. Which means, holiday parties with family and friends. If you are like me you know the feeling you get right before you serve that delicious meal and hot coffee to your guest, the possibility of stains! The stains may show up in just about the secluded areas of your home only to ask yourself how in the world did this get here? The most dreaded stains of all are the ones that end up on one of your most priced possession, your rug!
What if I told you that you could eliminate the heartbreak of staining your upholstery, rugs, and even carpet? Middle GA Rug Spa offers a product called MicroSeal, that will actually penetrate the fibers to the inner core and protects it from the inside out. Stains will never have to be an issue again! Take a look at how powerful MicroSeal truly is!

Don’t Stress over having your love ones over this holiday season but instead let us come and protect your most priced possessions.

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