My name is Cory McCook.  I am co-owner of the Middle Ga Rug Spa with Ernie Thompson.  I absolutely love cleaning and caring for area rugs.  Every rug is different and many of them have history attached to them.  It is a wonderful feeling when you get finished cleaning a fine area rug and compare it to what it looked and felt like before you started!  It is also truly wonderful to experience the joy of our clients when they get their clean, fresh smelling rug back.

A lot of the work is hands on rather than mechanical.  This creates a greater connection to the piece being cleaned and once finished, I am very familiar with all aspects of the rug (it’s construction, design, lay, texture, etc.)  A lot of folks are afraid to clean area rugs because they lack the education necessary to properly and safely care for finer fabrics.  If you mess up, you could end up in big trouble.   We stay on top of changes in techniques and chemistry but most important, we take time to get the know the rug’s characterisitics before we clean it so that we know what methods will work best.  Yep, I love cleaning area rugs.

Between the two of us (Ernie and I) we have over 20 years experience in dealing with finer fabrics such as cotton, wool and silk.  And still today, I say that each rug is different.