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Fringe help!

By Cory | September 13, 2016

From years in the business we come into contact with a lot of rugs with fringes that are missing, tearing, or just dingy. There are many ways that you as the owner can prevent some of the wear and tear and discoloring of the fringe.

3 quick tips on keeping those fringes in good shape:

  1. Never vacuum the fringes with your carpet vacuum. this will pull and tear your fringes!
  2. When you vacuum your rug vacuum parallel to the fridges
  3. When you try and clean the fringes never use any chemicals that are harsh. One of the worst things you can do is use bleach or an oxidizer these products will harm your thread and can actually cause them to become brittle and break off.


Here at Middle GA Rug Spa we can help you when you are needing a clean. Our skilled professional technicians who are trained and certified will work with your rug to make sure it receives the best treatment!

We can also make repairs to the rugs. Below we have a couple of the repairs we have done. Call today and we can help you out if you are needing repairs yourself!


call Middle GA Rug Spa 478-972-6583img_0008 or go to our website! www.MiddleGaRugSpa.com img_0009 img_0010 img_0014 2016-13-9-16-19-36

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