Let us help you keep your rugs clean!

By Cory | October 15, 2014

The holiday season is creeping up on us. Which means, holiday parties with family and friends. If you are like me you know the feeling you get right before you serve that delicious meal and hot coffee to your guest, the possibility of stains! The stains may show up in just about the secluded areas of your home only to ask yourself how in the world did this get here? The most dreaded stains of all are the ones that end up on one of your most priced possession, your rug!
What if I told you that you could eliminate the heartbreak of staining your upholstery, rugs, and even carpet? Middle GA Rug Spa offers a product called MicroSeal, that will actually penetrate the fibers to the inner core and protects it from the inside out. Stains will never have to be an issue again! Take a look at how powerful MicroSeal truly is!

Don’t Stress over having your love ones over this holiday season but instead let us come and protect your most priced possessions.

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Beautiful Rug Cleaning

By Cory | February 17, 2014

Here is a picture of a beautiful rug that came in last week. It is hand knotted from Kashmar. The curvilinear patter is very pretty. You don’t see rugs like this in the Macon area much. The vases are especially unique. This rug is in very good condition and should clean up nicely.
Kashmar Rug

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Rug Cleaning Tips

By Cory | November 21, 2013

Rug Fringe

Fringe comes in all different kinds of styles and fabric types. Today I want to address a common mistake we see people make with cotton fringes. Most hand made rugs have cotton foundations and therefore have cotton fringes. Sometimes people (and even “rug cleaners”) will apply bleach to cotton fringes to “brighten” them up. Well, bleach is not a cleaner. It poses no benefit to dirt removal from a fabric. Bleach is an aggressive oxidizer and causes great harm to natural fibers. Bleach doesn’t stop its action for quite some time so we often see fringes that are super white from someone applying bleach to them but they are also falling out of the rug. Fringes that have been bleached by clorox will eventually completely degrade away. You can usually tell if this has happened by gently pulling on the ends of the fringe. If they have been damaged by this oxidizer then it will just usually easily pull out of the rug.

So, today’s tip is to never apply bleach to your cotton fringes. This will harm the rug and degrade it’s value.

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Macon Rug Cleaning Service

By Cory | October 3, 2013

Here is a short video we recorded that demonstrates dye correction for area rugs. Often we see oriental rugs that have fugitive dyes caused by a high alkaline cleaning agent, pet urine or simply from a flood. This rug in particular come from a client in Macon, Ga and her pet had repeatedly urinated in this one particular area on her rug. After sanitizing the rug and removing the odor, we were able to began repairing some of the areas where dye bleeding had occurred.

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Macon Carpet Cleaning Tips

By Cory | September 20, 2013

What is the secret to keeping your carpet and rugs clean and looking good all the time? It’s good vacuuming. Many people overlook this important step that is the key to it all. This video demonstrates the importance of vacuuming and things to look for in a vacuum cleaner. We also show proper form in vacuuming so you can effectively cover more ground in less time.

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Colorbleed correction from rug fringe

By Cory | June 21, 2013

Here is a short video we took the other day. This rug came in with dye bleed problems and the client needed us to improve it as best we could. Here you will see a correction process on the fringes that is removing the unwanted dye.

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Never Worry About Stains Again

By Cory | January 17, 2013

Here is a video we recorded recently to demonstrate the effectiveness of our newest fabric protector – MicroSeal. It is a permanent protector that never needs to be reapplied. You’ll never have to worry about staining ever again. It is also 99% effective against UV fading. Call us to get your rugs and upholstery protected – permanently! 972-6583

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Macon carpet cleaning and rug cleaning tips….

By Cory | December 5, 2012

Below is a picture of an area rug with damaged wool from oxidizers.  The rug (on the floor) is machine made on a Wilton weave.  Oxidizers are very harmful to natural fibers such as wool and cotton (both which are in most area rugs).  They break down the fibers over a period of time.  Here you can see that it has removed some color from the rug.  At a glance, it looks like urine spots from a pet.  Urine can have the same effect of color loss on a rug, carpet or fabric as oxidizers do if left unattended to for too long or if improperly dealt with.  In this case, the oxidizer that the rug owner used has removed some of the blue dye used in the rug and left the spot looking yellowish in color.  This is not fixable with cleaning procedures.  The color must be physically added back to the rug in an attempt to repair the damage.  So the tip is to stay away from oxidizers such as oxyclean, peroxide, etc on your natural fiber rugs and fabrics.

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Rug spa news and updates

By Cory | October 8, 2012

Hi,   It’s been way too long since I have posted anything so I wanted to provide an update.

Our full service rug cleaning plant is fully operational now.  Our heated drying room is absolutely phenomenal!  We have used it mostly for rugs but also for a mattress, sofas, chairs….anytime quick drying is needed.  This drying room makes everything more efficient.  I am not on my office computer today but will try to post some updated pictures for you.

We are now carrying the world’s #1 fabric protector…MicroSeal.  This is a permanent protector that will survive many cleanings.  You can google the term MicroSeal and find more information about it.  We shot a quick video of a thick oriental rug that we had previously protected with MicroSeal.  This is a cool video that gives you an idea of how the protector works.

Click Here:  Cool Rug Video

We were dealing with pet odor on the rug and wanted to take the opportunity to see how tough the protector actually is!  I was impressed.

If you want your precious rugs or furniture protected with this permanent fabric protector just give us a call! – 478-972-9138


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Macon Carpet and Rug Cleaning update

By Cory | February 8, 2012

Here is a quick update for all our customers for carpet cleaning in Macon and Rug cleaning in Macon and Warner Robins, Ga. We have been hard at work on a new rug cleaning studio. Thanks to your patronage and referrals, we have run out of room in our current location. We have recently been blessed to acquire another, much larger, space for oriental rug cleaning. In our current studio, once we get 3 or 4 rugs cleaned and ready for drying….we run out of space on the floor to clean rugs. It is the next day before we can move forward in the rug cleaning process. In this new facility, we will be able to continue working with rugs all day because we will have 400 square feet dedicated as a specialty drying room. We will have an additional 2,000 square feet for rug dusting, washing, detailing and grooming. We are so excited to have this opportunity to better serve our rug cleaning clients.  Here is a picture during the construction process.  The room on the right will be our state of the art rug drying room.  The room on the left will be offices.  We will still maintain our current drop off and pick up locations around middle Ga for your convenience.  And for your FURTHER convenience…..we are still including pick up and delivery to your home in our pricing structure!

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